Into The Darkness Box


Have you ever noticed that I make posts about things that have been released and long gone for so long that it isn’t even funny? I’m not a reviewer or a swatcher. I’m an amateur blogger that does this at my own convenience. That would be exactly why I’m posting about this box that was released in October of 2016 and I just never was able to find the time to post about it. I’ve had these pictures for like six months at this point. Enjoy?

Into The Darkness header

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Favorite Polishes of 2016


2016 has been over for a couple of weeks (thank goodness!) but I still wanted to touch on my favorite polishes of the year that I used. I went through my Instagram and found a few that stood out to me as my favorite polishes. You might notice a theme (I wear a lot of green) and also a few stand out brands (two in particular). So head on under the cut to see which polishes I considered my favorite last year!

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