January 2017 Ipsy Bag


Alright, let’s start this off a little different. This is my last Ipsy that I will be receiving. There will be no more resubscribing. I’ve decided to cut ties with this subscription bag. For starters, they would not stop sending stuff from The Balm. I was tired of it. I never used it and almost always tried to destash it. Aside from that, I don’t like the way they provided customer service to my BFFF. She received a tracking notification early in the month (I believe around the 6th). From then, it never updated. She contacted Ipsy not long after that. They assured her that it was on the way (not sure how they could tell when the tracking was not updating at all). Finally after over 20 days, she asked them for a refund. They told her that they do not issue refunds but they would send her another bag, that they would send another tracking code, and it would leave their warehouse in 5-7 days. Wait, what? Stop the truck. 5-7 days to send the replacement bag from their warehouse? So she would get her bag in February, and not be able to review the products to be able to get a better curated February bag. She cancelled, and I have cancelled in solidarity. I think that is a bit ridiculous and it should not have taken so long to resend a new bag when clearly the tracking was not updating on DHL and the tracking number was no good for USPS.

Aside from that, my bag this month was alright. I’ll use the products. I just have such a sour taste in my mouth that I’ll go with a different subscription service instead, like Boxycharm possibly. Either way, I’m done with Ipsy. Check out my bag below though.


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