My Polish Wishlist

Updated July 16, 2016
All Clickable Links
****Most Wanted

Rubberman $7.95**

Dollish Polish
Boo Boo Kitty F*ck $10.00*
Death By Stereo $10.00
Epic Deaths Part 1 Full Collection $57.00**
Expecto Patronum $10.00*
Honey You Should See Me In A Crown $10.00**
I Am The One Who Knocks $10.00
I Move The Stars For No One $10.00
I Threw My Pie For You $10.00
Live Long and Prosper $10.00
On Wednesday’s We Wear Black $10.00
Slice of Life $10.00*
Ultra Violence $10.00
What Is Your Damage, Heather? $10.00
You’ve Got Red On You $10.00*

Lemming Lacquer
Curiosities From Wonderland Collection $65.00*
Curiouser & Curiouser
Drink Me $10.00*
Her Imperial Viciousness $10.00
I’m Not All There Myself $11.00*
Ravens & Writing Desks $10.00
Whooo R U? $12.00

Loaded Lacquer (Hiatus)
Bento Box $10.00
Gym-timidation $10.00*
Spot Me, Bro $8.00**
The Dog Ate My Homework $10.00

Lucky 13 Lacquer
…And Steven! $8.50*
Good, Bad, I’m The Guy With The Gun $8.50
I Want To Inspire You $8.50*
Life is Short and You Are Hot $8.50
Stronger Than You $8.50*
What Makes Me So Awesome $8.50

My Indie Polish
Bang $10.00CAD
Bonfire $13.00CAD**
Into The Darkness $12.00CAD*

Noodles Nail Polish
Sand Castles and Sea Stars $9.00

Potion Polish
Times Square $11.00
Manhatten Skyline $11.00

Goodnight Moon $11.00
Milky Way $13.00
Neutrino $13.00
Orion’s Belt $13.00
Vladimir $12.00

Vapid Lacquer
Cap’n Crunk Loops $10.00
Cat Suit Liquid Latex Clean Up $5.00
Catch Me If You Can $10.00
Mistrust $10.00
Original Sin $10.00*
Whatz-Her-Face $10.00


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