July Wake The Dead Monthly Box

So let’s talk about the fact that I go months in between posts. Good thing I’m not trying to be a professional blogger, right? Because I would fail. I’ve been busy. I’m starting a new indie nail polish brand (stay tuned for that), I moved in July, and I’ve been working graveyard shifts. So life has been busy. Since I was moving when I got this box, the lighting of my photos is a bit… off. But I wanted to take pics and post them before it was another six months.


I had started following Wake The Dead scrubs on Instagram a few months back because I was interested in her body products. Everything looked really cute, so I gave her a follow to keep track of things when I could afford to buy some things. She had a monthly box in July and my attention is always caught with anything lemonade scented, so her soap caught my attention. I paid $20 for the box and it shipped very quickly. Everything is so cute! Look below to see everything in the box.


Here is a close up of the card that shows everything that was received in this box. It retails at $27. There’s a good amount of products to try in here for $20 and I think the theme was cute and so is this card.

This is what sold me on the box. It’s a soap shaped like a popsicle and it’s strawberry lemonade scented. I love citrus scents so I was sold. This soap is adorable and it smells amazing.


These bath salts look so cute. I love the glass tubes that they come in. The presentation is amazing. I love the scents on all of these. They aren’t too overpowering. the Sweet Peach scent is my favorite but they are all pretty great. I even like the lavender bath salts, and usually lavender scents are too much for me and make me feel sick. These ones don’t overwhelm me.


These soaps are ultra cute for the month of July. Everything is all about red, white, and blue and stars and stripes here in the USA during the month of July. So these are definitely cute. The scent is also perfect for the month. I don’t usually like sweet scents like cotton candy, but these aren’t overwhelming either so I will use them.

This is a melon ball wax melt. It’s cute and small and the perfect size for my little wax warmer. I love wax melts. I have a problem so I was super happy to get this. She has these gummy bear shaped wax melts that I’m also very eager to try. She has me sold on the wax melts. I’m still hoarding this though.

This makeup primer is a relatively new product. It’s a decent amount of product for me, since I don’t wear makeup often it’ll last forever. The look and consistency reminds me of the famous Smashbox primer. I haven’t worn makeup in months since it is still packed up but I am going to try this once I have it unpacked. I have seen great reviews on this product though.


Lastly, she included this little novelty bracelet. I think it’s cute, but I also love stars. I’ll keep it on my vanity.

That is all for this box. Shipping was fast and everything was packaged well. You get a good amount of products, you know what you’re getting, and the cost is not bad at all. I know she isn’t doing monthly boxes anymore, but she is releasing some every now and then. She does have a box on preorder now called the Graveyard Goodies box that I’m going to buy most likely. Go ahead and check her out on Instagram @wakethedeadscrubs!

Disclaimer: I bought these products with my own money.  All of the opinions on these products are my own.


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