Into The Darkness Box

Have you ever noticed that I make posts about things that have been released and long gone for so long that it isn’t even funny? I’m not a reviewer or a swatcher. I’m an amateur blogger that does this at my own convenience. That would be exactly why I’m posting about this box that was released in October of 2016 and I just never was able to find the time to post about it. I’ve had these pictures for like six months at this point. Enjoy?

Into The Darkness header

I’ve easily had this box for six months. But let’s not focus on the fact that I take forever to make blog posts. Adulting is hard, okay? Instead, let’s focus on the fact that this box was glorious. It was an Edgar Allan Poe inspired box and let’s just say that is a glorious inspiration. What moody, angsty teenager didn’t love some Poe when they got to study it in high school? I know I did. Let’s take a look at what’s in the box!


First and foremost, we received 4 ounce salt scrub aptly named By The Sea. I love the smell of this. I also love the fact that there was an opportunity to use the influence of the ocean in the poem Annabel Lee. This scrub totes the “infusion of sea salt, geranium flower, and white cedarwood”. It’s glorious and I love the blue color too.

Handmade soap always intrigues me. It’s full of so much character and come on, these are so much fun. There were two soap samples in this box but I find that the sizes are pretty great. These soaps were also made by Aroma Rebel, with the scents Red Death and Usher. Red soap? Don’t mind if I do! Red Death is scented with “sweet red juicy cherries, sparkling oranges, and soothing vanilla berry” and that sounds like the best combo if you ask me! Usher is scented with “fresh ground cinnamon bark and black tea with touches of jasmine, bergamot, and cannabis” that is meant to relax. I’d agree with that!

Okay, this was one of the items that sold me on this box. Black bath bomb? Hell yes! It also looks like it has just a bit of sparkle. I’m hoarding this one, not going to lie. I want to enjoy the hell out of it. It is named Nevermore and if not Annabel Lee, then at least you’d love The Raven, right? This one is scented with “zesty black pepper and exotic black orchid intertwine[d] with autumnal All Spice and fresh vanilla”. Sounds like a glorious black bath for me.


I have not used these decals form Green Goddess Creations yet but waterslide decals have always intrigued me. These ones are obviously little ravens and what could be better, right? I’ll use these soon!

I love Supernatural Lacquer. If you’re on my page, I think you might realize that by now. I needed these polish. Desperately. This is the polish Annabel Lee that was exclusive for this box. This is a nice grey polish that has lots of silver flakies in it and a purple shimmer that is hard to capture. This is gorgeous! I loved wearing it. Here are some swatches and a macro shot too.

That is all in this box! I definitely enjoyed it. I’m not sure if Aroma Rebel is still in the business, but I did enjoy what was made. You can check out Supernatural Lacquer on Instagram and I believe Green Goddess Creations as well. Hope you enjoyed!

Disclaimer: I bought these products with my own money.  All of the opinions on these products are my own and I only post about products I have tried personally!

Header Photo Credit to Joan Sorolla.


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