Super Extremely Late Christmas Haul Post!

I’m slow. I know I’m so very slow and late to post lately. There’s about a thousand excuses I could give. It’s March 23rd as I type this (who knows when the post will actually go up), and it’s about three months since Christmas. But I also really wanted to share the stuff I got for Christmas. However, between losing family members, work, personal time, and dealing with some extreme chronic depression, it kind of fell by the wayside. So with those excuses, check out some cool stuff about three months late.

xmas haul

There’s literally no shame in my game at this point. Three months later, and I am still posting a Christmas haul. I could have pretended, but what’s the point in that? I can be honest. Sometimes life sucks and you don’t have the energy to write a blog post. That’s for a different time though. Here’s some of the great things that I got for Christmas; super extremely late edition.


I love nail polish and stocking stuffers. No lie. I got these from my In Laws. They’re pretty colors, although I have never heard of this brand. These are from the brand Pop-arazzi. I love the polka dot cap though. The Tiffany blue color is called Shell Me More and the red is Reddy Set Action!


Omg! Look at how bright these are though. My mom put these in my stocking. They’re just small L.A. Colors Color Craze Nail Polish colors. That yellow looks just as bright in person. It’s pretty intense. These are super affordable polishes too. The pink is Lightning and the yellow is Flicker. Summertime pink lemonade mani? Heck yeah!


This candle was another stocking stuffer from my mom. I love candles. Cheap candles, expensive candles, small, large. It doesn’t matter. I love candles. This is definitely a super strong cinnamon scent, so it’s definitely one that I’ll use around the winter holidays again.

I collect these little guys called Furrybones. Pretty sure they’re my favorite thing and speak my inner goth kid that still lives in there. When I saw these at my local metaphysical store with my BFFF, she got me to pick out two and got them for Christmas. I forgot about them when I got them a few months later. On the right with have Black Scorchie and on the right is Kuma, the moon bear! I adore these ones sooo much. Let me know if you’d like to see my full collection so far!


My BFFF also got me this complexion brush from Earth Therapeutics. I liked this brush after she had bought it for herself and it was soooo soft. Also I have terrible skin (thank you adult acne), so I was excited to have something like this to help clear up my skin a bit.


Nyx’s soft matte lip creams are my favorite liquid lipsticks. I adore them. They stay on my lips like permanent marker, I’m pretty sure. I have been wanting to try more… unique colors. So this set had three colors. I have the darkest one, the one on the left. On the left is Copenhagen, which is a very dark oxblood red once layer. In the middle is Vancouver, which is a dark purple and I adore this color! I was most excited for the color of the right, which is Havana, and let me just say, this is a bright purple (despite the blue packaging) and it was super patchy and it started to wear off in the worst way. I ended up wiping Havana off part way through the day. Regardless, I adore these.


Along with the complexion brush, my BFFF got me this Earth Therapeutics Loofah Exfoliating Scrub in Oatmeal & Honey because Ulta has great sales. Anything that is oatmeal will always grab my attention. I love scrubs (I live in dry and cold Colorado) and this just smells amazing!


Mr. Bubble?! What?! Yes! This was at Ulta as well and my BFFF picked it up for me for Christmas. They had a few different scents but I loved this set. It’s the Luxe by Mr. Bubble Ladies’ Night In set. It had a bunch of stuff and I’m so excited to use it. It includes a shower creme, body butter, and four small bath bombs in their scent Sweet & Clean. Nostalgia city, here I come.

Books! I love books! My BFFF loves books! We go to Barnes & Noble probably more often than we really should. We went close to Christmas though and picked up a few books for each other. She let me pick this beauty. I love Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It’s one of my favorite books. I love these classic books that are decorated so pretty. This one is stunning.


Along with the other book, my BFFF grabbed this one for me too. I love Sherlock Holmes. Anything Sherlock Holmes, I’m down for it. No lie. I have two small paperbacks with all of the Sherlock Holmes short stories, but those paperbacks get destroyed so easily. So I adore this very large hardback version of the collection. She knows me too well!


My BFFF let me grab this from Ulta too when we went before Christmas. This is a single eyeshadow from Urban Decay (my favorite high end makeup brand). This shade has been one that I have always wanted. But I could never buy it because the price tag is a little high for me for a single shadow. So she let me pick up Woodstock which is the gorgeous hot pink color. I adore this, almost as much as I adore my BFFF.


I grabbed some graphic novels on my hubby’s dime for Christmas when I was at Barnes & Noble. I needed to add to my collection as well as get some more in my volumes. He bought me six and the others I bought for myself at the comic book store. I have a problem, a very expensive one, and I have no shame. Look at all that Batman. Yessss.


My mom got me this bracelet when I saw it at the store. I love stars, which I got from my mom. I can’t remember the brand (and it got covered in the picture), but this is just a cute charm bracelet. I love charm bracelets too, I just forget to put them back on.


My grandfather got these earrings for me. And even if they aren’t my style, I have to include them in this haul. He loves to get these stone earrings and stuff that is handmade, and he always picks stuff out for us around holidays and birthdays, so I appreciate these nonetheless.

My hubby let me pick this up on his dime too when it was on sale online. I do like BH Cosmetics. I think they do makeup affordably and not bad quality. I have the Galaxy Chic baked eyeshadow palette from a couple years ago. When I saw this Supernova baked eyeshadow palette, I had to grab it. I love galaxy themed things. I am probably going to post both of the BH Cosmetics galaxy themed palettes with swatches, so look out for that.


I have convinced my stepdad to get PB & J sandwich tattoos with me. And he got these keychains from an Etsy maker (I’m not sure which one). Mine was the jelly bread, and he has the peanut butter bread. This is so cute. I refuse to put it on my keys because I don’t want it to get ruined because it is so adorable.


My hubby got me this set of nail polish as well and I grabbed a set from my BFFF too, because I couldn’t. This is from the Creation Stands website which uses proceeds for charities. I love nail polish (this is no surprise, hopefully). and I love Supernatural. So I had to pick up this whole set. They were more pricey but they were worth it. I’ll do closeups of these polishes, but we have Demon Blood, It’s Funnier in Enochian, and 1967. The bottles even came with these great charms (I have a small collection that I’m going to use for a charm bracelet soon).

I adore red polish. I adore Demon Blood. This is a very sparkly red. I included the back of the polish because it does say at the bottom, very hard to see, “Does not contain the Blood of the Damned”. And it gave me the best giggle.

It’s Funnier In Enochian is such a nice sky blue with lots of silver glitter in it. I’ve seen a swatch of this and it was pretty gorgeous. This one also has some fun at the bottom where it says, “Does Not Contain God and All His Glory”.

Hell yes. A polish based on Baby that isn’t black. Gunmetal color is pretty fab, named 1967 after the Impala. Again, happy it wasn’t named Baby too. My BFFF used this polish and it lasted well on her and it was pretty gorgeous as well. Very excited about these. This one says, “Does not contain Salt and Holy Water” at the bottom. I almost missed that on the bottle. Whoever came up with that, A++.


My mother in law put these beauty sponges in my stocking. I like beauty sponges. I always use my Beauty Blender for my foundation but these are great for a lot of other purposes. They’re actually pretty soft as well. I love the way these look too.


Last, but not least, my dad’s wife sent these along with the tablet that he gave me that he had. I don’t buy much lotion or body spray from Victoria’s Secret, but these is a scent that I actually really enjoy. I also love the packaging so this was also a pretty good buy for me too.

Well that’s it folks! Thanks for sticking around and checking it out. Even if it was like three months late, you all know I love to show off my hauls, and Christmas is like a giant haul. Anything that stands out to you guys? Let me know in the comments.


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