December Ipsy Bag: One Month Late

So this is a month late, but I think we can all understand that December gets a little bit crazy sometimes with the holidays so it wasn’t at the top of my priority list around that time. I got the December Ipsy bag and was mostly satisfied with the things that I received. The bag is horrid and fuzzy and bright pink, but it’s a makeup bag so I’ll take it. I can’t say it won’t just sit there though. Overall, not a bad bag. Check it out below the cut.


This is the horrid fuzzy pink bag. It’s a shame because their bags had been quite cute over the past few months and then they gave us this monstrosity. I am sure there are many people who actually really like it, but sorry I am not one of them. Pink and fuzzy makes me think of something out of Monster’s Inc.


First I received this Ouai Haircare Wave Spray. This is not so bad. I don’t use wave sprays often but I do occasionally. I haven’t used this yet but hopefully it doesn’t give my hair a weird film because that’s my biggest issue with wave sprays. I will likely use this product but it doesn’t make me really excited…

Value: $5.20 for 1 fl oz sample, $26 for full size 5 fl oz


Hand creams are usually a safe bet so again I wasn’t disappointed to receive the Cake Beauty Heavy Cream Intensive Hand Repair Balm. I saw that it had sweet scents like French vanilla. I traded this for a blush with my BFFF so I never used it for myself. When she first used it, with me present, I will say the smell was so strong and sweet it was almost offensive… Kind of glad I didn’t use it myself because I would have been majorly turned off.

Value: $12 for to go size

I was definitely interested in the Tarte Maracuja Oil because I had seen many people use and some liked it, some did not. I wanted to try for myself using it on my face at night after an intense mask or something along those lines. It is a fairly thick oil but not bad overall. It soaked in pretty nice and a little goes a long way so this sample will last a while.

Value: $15 for travel size


I love lippies. Everyone who knows me knows that I love lippies. I haven’t use this Ciate London Liquid Velvet Liquid Lipstick in Pin Up yet but it’s a nice pinky nude. I recently tried a lippie that touted itself as a “liquid velvet” liquid lipstick and it never dried down and that was horrible, so I am hoping that this one will dry down and be pretty decent because I could always use more nudes.

Value: $5.85 for sample size, $19 for full size


Last but not least, I got a full sized Nyx Prismatic Shadow in Punk Heart. I really like Nyx so I’m never disappointed to get one of their products. This is a nice amethyst color which I could definitely work into some makeup because it is not too crazy and over the top bright. I’m definitely excited to use this one.

Value: $6 for full size

Overall Value: $44.05

So overall this bag was not terrible. I’ll pretty much use everything that is in it. Ipsy has curated my bags a little better since I’ve reviewed a few years worth of products. However, I decided to cancel in January. Stay tuned for my January review, which I should have done in the next day to see why I decided to cancel.

Disclaimer: I don’t receive any monetary compensation for posting my bag. I’m a regular person who pays $10 a month for this bag. I have no incentive to post nice things about this bag.


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