Favorite Polishes of 2016

2016 has been over for a couple of weeks (thank goodness!) but I still wanted to touch on my favorite polishes of the year that I used. I went through my Instagram and found a few that stood out to me as my favorite polishes. You might notice a theme (I wear a lot of green) and also a few stand out brands (two in particular). So head on under the cut to see which polishes I considered my favorite last year!

In January, I featured a swatch of Night of the Living Dummy from Nvr Enuff Polish. This was my very first polish from this brand and I could not deny a few of their Goosebumps polishes! This polish definitely established them as a favorite brand for me. The polish is the perfect slimey green color that I think of with Goosebumps but it also is packed full of holo and had iridescent flakies in it as well. Their polish last so long on me without much tipwear or chipping and this polish is definitely a unique stunner!


Also in January I wore the beauty Light Em Up from Frenzy Polish. I don’t wear yellow or golds often, but I have to get this one from the Fall Out Foxes collection because it just grabbed my eye that much. It’s shimmery, it has gold glitters throughout. It’s definitely one I am keeping in my collection regardless of Frenzy closing or not.


In February, I did something new. I changed the shape of my nails to be baby claws (my favorite shape on me). And of course I had to feature a gorgeous polish on them. I used Trickster from Supernatural Lacquer for Mardi Gras nails. This polish has a perfect gold base that is a little shifty and has a green tone to it when you look at it from a different angle. And then their are some multichrome flakies in it (I think that’s the way to describe them!) that really added a little purple and green for the Mardi Gras look.


March featured another Supernatural Lacquer polish. This brand has definitely established themselves as one of my favorites. I could not pass up using Avalon 2.0 for St. Patrick’s Day nails. This is definitely one of my favorite green polishes. It has gold flakies in a very true green base and it is an absolute stunner. I wear a lot of green but this one is definitely a unique one.


I’m unapologetic that May featured another Supernatural Lacquer polish. I got the very bright seafoam green Bermuda Triangle in a Spring Break box. I will be honest, I mostly bought the box so that I could own this gorgeous SPNL polish. It glows so beautifully in the sun but is perfect in indoors light too. I also do not have a color like this and it is definitely a favorite of mine.


May also featured another Supernatural Lacquer polish that was a light teal packed with glitter. I Lost My Shoe is a favorite and is actually one of the first that I bought from SPNL upon reopening. I am glad that I did not pass it up either. The glitters (multicolored hexes and squares) distributed nicely and this is just a pretty and fun color to wear.


I said you would notice a theme. June featured more Supernatural Lacquer polish. The difference here is that I asked her to make 2 custom polishes for me to give as gifts for my wedding and I used them for my own wedding mani. So these are my nails that I wore to my wedding. The red is a gorgeous red with flakies in it named Cherubim and the silver is a delightful holo named Seraphim. Stefanie was great helping make these for me and my BFFF Torie (@trixie.dust) helped me name them too.


I slowed down after my wedding because I broke my ankle and was kind of holed up in my apartment on my couch. I still polished but I used some unloved polish during this time. In September though, I used a polish for my birthday nails. No Bones About It is a polish from Le Polish that was based on Virgo. Being a Virgo, I had to get it. I didn’t think I would love it as much as I did but this peachy nude looked decent on me.


At the beginning of October I used Star Light, Star Bright from Anonymous Lacquer. I got this polish in June from an indie galactic box and I adore it. It’s black, it’s got a rainbow sparkle in it. It’s the perfect polish when thinking of the galaxy without being too intense.


And last, but not least, is another polish from Supernatural Lacquer that I used during a Christmas polish extravaganza during the month of December. I used Anti-Claus which is a nice sparkly forest green color. This got me so many compliments during December that it was crazy. I love it though!


Alright those are a few of my favorite polishes from 2016 that I swatched. I have a ton of unused polishes that I adore that are still needing some love so let’s see what 2017 brings for us in the polish world! What were your favorite polishes you used in 2016?

Disclaimer: I bought all of these items with my own money. Nothing was given to me to post about. All of the opinions on these products are my own and I only post about products I have personally tried and love, or that I am excited to try.


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