Denver Zombie Crawl 2016

Warning: You might not want to look at this post if you aren’t ready for lots of fake wounds and tons of fake blood. You’ve been warned.

Zombie Crawl is an annual event that happens in downtown Denver where people can dress up as zombies and walk down our outdoor downtown mall. Usually there are some pretty great costumes and LOTS OF BLOOD. My bestie and I try to go to Zombie Crawl whenever we can because we love to dress up in costume makeup and create costumes. We usually do a theme each year. So far we have dressed up as zombies for five different years. Pretty sure we get better every year and this year we looked pretty badass, if I do say so myself. Let’s recap all of our looks over the past few years though.

These pictures definitely go WAYYY back. Going clockwise from the top left, we have random quarantined zombies from 2010. Then I went was a nurse (syringe stabbed in the chest included) and an escaped Arkham Asylum inmate zombies in 2011. Next we went with a fairy tale theme, myself as Snow White and Trixie as Little Red Riding Hood (she killed it that year) in 2012. Then in 2013, we went in a hillbilly hoedown style, hence the tattered plaid. We love theme, we love doing the makeup, and we love the blood. It’s so much fun and we always look pretty damn awesome. This year’s theme was late 80’s early 90’s hair metal!

Let’s talk about the different products we bought, had, and used this year, just for the sake of sharing some tricks of the trade. This was loads of fun to work with this year and we definitely want to keep doing more makeup and trying lots of things out.


Would zombies really be complete without at least half a gallon of blood? We didn’t go through it all but we use this a lot for the fine detailing on our costumes, for our wounds, and for just spraying all over the place when we get there.

I was super interested in trying out the Tinsley Transfers brand of prosthetics because they’re high quality and only take water to apply. I hate most prosthetics because they are super thick and super obviously fake looking and so hard to blend into your skin to look real. For the most part, these look pretty legit. We had issues with some lifting on some of them but for the most part, these were legit, if maybe a little pricey. I used the Ripped Flesh and the thicker cut throat (something I’ve wanted to do for years), and Trixie did the bone fracture (which looked cool until it lifted) and the thinner cut throat. I enjoyed these after learning how to work with them.

We have our own tattoos but not anything ultra visible, and would it really be appropriate to do hair metal zombies without a super sweet Mom tat? I think not. These were obviously temporary tattoos but we found a boat load at Party City and managed to get some of them to work. Let’s just say I have enough temp tats to last me a millenium.

Thought I was lying? I wasn’t. Look at how many temporary tattoos we actually got. So many. We are working girls, so we took it easy and didn’t go absolutely crazy because I was mostly afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get them off and then I’d have all of these tattoos everywhere when I had to work the following Monday. Take a look at that tattoo on the right though. I know they were going for some super cool Goffik tat, but it straight up looks like a vagina.

I’ve been really interested in working with scar wax, and this kit was a pretty great beginner’s kit. I didn’t end up using this kit at all for the crawl but it is worth showing because I do plan on practicing some cuts and wounds with this. This is a Ben Nye kit that came with the scar wax, a character cream makeup wheel, stage blood, spirit gum and remover, and then various things like sponges, brushes, and pencil. This is a great kit.

I love these Ben Nye color wheels. They are pretty great and they have so many different types. The one on the left I bought brand new and it is the Death Wheel, which comes with many pale colors for getting that great dead look. The one on the right is the Zombie Wheel which has a lot of colors great for zombie makeup but also for bruising too.

And then for the last odds and ends. Zombie makeup for us is kind of not possible without liquid latex so we always get some. It is the stuff Trixie taught me how to do and what features in most of our OG zombie makeup. This year was the first year for prosthetics. I got some 3D Gel because it as recommended but I haven’t had time to play with it. Rigid Collodion was great for zombie bites one year but we didn’t use it this year because we decided we weren’t bite zombies. And then some thick blood which we used a lot of in our wounds.

Now for the costumes/clothing we destroyed for zombie looks. I got an Iron Maiden shirt for the purpose of destroying, found some totally rad leopard print jeans I never wear anymore, and of course my white bandana to complete the look. See the below pics for close ups of some of the damage.

This is where I got a bit lazy. I started working on it too late and my shirt could have been better. I rarely use knives because the cuts are too clean so most of the damage is done by using sandpaper and my poor damaged hands. I usually get so much more in depth but hey, it worked for the day.

This was Trixie’s outfit of choice. It hurt her to run the GnR shirt, but it was too perfect to pass up for the theme. And then some tattered jeans of course. She went with the red bandana to channel her inner Axl Rose. Below for close ups.

She definitely put some good work into her shirt and I thought it looked good. The jeans needed no work at all. And there’s the bandana again. Super sweet red bandanas.

I went a little crazy with my temporary tattoos but look how sweet and definitely 90’s I look. Pretty sure the flaming skull is my favorite. Except the laughing skulls on my wrist were a close second. Side note, these were hell to get off but I didn’t go to work the next day looking like a hoodlum.

Trixie’s tattoos did not want to cooperate and kept peeling so here are a couple of the good ones. Her anchors are super awesome and super sweet. But she’s also got the rose tat on her neck, because Axl Rose, duh.

Here are some of our in process wounds with the prosthetics before application of any makeup or blood. they look pretty good. The larger ones were harder to work with and sometimes lifted up but we worked with it. My slit throat one was probably my favorite. The one on Trixie’s face came out pretty amazing too. Side note #2, my face felt like a total swollen bubble face but it was awesome!

How about some pics of other people at the Zombie Crawl before I show some of our final product? Because while this year wasn’t as great as others, there were still a few there and seeing all of everyone else’s costumes is probably my favorite.


Look at how sweet his van looks! I pretty aspire to be these people who have enough money to do stuff like this, because they are definitely goals.

These two were pretty awesome. Their TIPS jar was full of fingers. The tasty treats were brains on sticks. Their cart was just awesome and I definitely liked these guys for sure. This is how you have fun with it.

The Umbrella Corp folks are always there and they usually have a great set up but they were taking it down when we got to where they were. But look at their awesome van and Jeep. I enjoy seeing these guys.


This guy gets to be in the pic alone. He posed and everything for us and I love his costume. It was pure luck that this chick happened to be coming up behind him when I snapped the pic and I love it. Pretty sure it needs to be framed in my living room.

And a few others that stood out to me. (I think you can click on the pictures to make them bigger so I suggest you do that.) I liked this guy’s plague doctor and finally got to snap a picture. And Zombie Ed from Good Burger, he even sang the “Dude” song and I loved it!

So final products? Just one minute. Here I am pre blood spray but post applying makeup and thick blood. That hair is the product of leaving my hair in a messy bun nonstop. It worked. I need to pale it up just a little bit next time I think, but I get lazy on the face base.

Have a sampling of the millions of selfies that I took for the occasion. I’m pretty sure our favorite thing is doing the blood spray. It felt so weird but it really makes the costume. And of course the blood drip from my neck wound (have I mentioned how much I love that neck wound, is that weird?)

Have some wound close ups (click on the pics!). I felt like Patrick Bateman. It was glorious. So much blood but isn’t the kind of part of being a zombie? Pretty sure that it is folks.

And some final zombie selfies for the road!

This year was a blast doing the costume and listening to hair metal while we did it. It resulted in so much amazing karaoke and belting out Bon Jovi and Def Leppard. The actual crawl… Well, we’ll see how it goes next year. It didn’t have the same heart as it has had every other year. People weren’t as into it. I will say there were some cute babies there though. Here’s to next year and many more costumes to come!

Disclaimer: Any products used I bought with my own money and was not paid to endorse or promote. Everything I used is something I wanted to try or already love. My opinions are my own. Enjoy all the blood.


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