October 2016 Ipsy Bag

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This is third Ipsy bag since resubscribing for the third time… Generally speaking, I am not disappointed. Each month you pay $10 for a curated bag that has 5 items, usually sample sizes but occasionally full size. I think that the price of the bag is pretty great especially since the value usually exceeds the cost. It’s an awesome little surprise to see this pink mailer in my mailbox every month! Click through to see what I got this month.



Sadly, I am pretty disappointed with my bag this month, and I was so excited to get it when I saw the actual bag. It is a very cute light pink bag with all kinds of spooky Halloween drawings. With Halloween being my favorite holiday, I love the bag. The zipper pull has a little ghostie. This one is definitely going in my purse. So the actual bag is a total win, the contents are not.


First, I got the Sally’s Box Aqua Moist Gel Cream. It appears that this might be a gel type moisturizer? Honestly, not interested. I have skincare products that work for me, and since it takes about a month to see the real results of skincare, this sample probably won’t work for me anyways. I’ll have to pass on this.

Value: $4.30 for 5 ml, full size $43.00 for 50 ml

Next up was the Noyah Natural Lipstick in Smoke. Again this is a fail for me. Usually I love receiving lippies because I’m addicted to almost any type of lipstick. This is a sample size lipstick, but it is so tiny. I don’t like nude lippies except for a few staples, so this one is most likely going to go.

Value: $5.60 for 1.4g sample, $18.00 for full size lipstick


This one is… mediocre for me, because it isn’t very exciting. I got the Preventive Measures 101 Lip 101 After Hours lip balm. It’s nothing exciting, really. I might use it, might give it to a friend. We’ll see, but I probably won’t be keeping it. Probably not the best pic of items for me.

Value: $13 for full size

This one is okay, but it’s tiny. I got theBalm Cosmetics CabanaBoy blush.  The sample is so tiny, as in I probably won’t use it as a blush and use it for eye shadow as a transition shade. Or I will give it away. Undecided still. This was supposed to be a great item but theBalm doesn’t excite me very much and this sample definitely doesn’t excite me.

Value: $1.40 for 0.02 oz sample, $21.00 for 0.30 oz full size blush

Finally, I got a full sized NYX Vivid Brights Liner in Vivid Gunmetal. I love NYX, they’re pretty much my favorite drugstore-ish brand because their stuff is quality. I’ll keep this eyeliner because I don’t have a silver liquid liner. But it’ll most likely only get used on the rare occasion because I am a black eyeliner kind of girl. I would have really loved to get the Kat Von D Tattoo liner they were offering this month.

Value: $7.00 for full size

Total Value: $31.00

Overall, I’m pretty displeased with this bag so hopefully my reviews on the Ipsy site will help them not send me stuff I won’t use next time. And hopefully someone will take these products off my hands as well, or they will most likely collect dust. The value for the bag was alright but I’m just not satisfied. How was your Ipsy bag this month?

If you’re interested in subscribing to Ipsy, consider using my referral code.

Disclaimer: I don’t receive any monetary compensation for posting my bag. I’m a regular person who pays $10 a month for this bag. I might get points which gets me free products if you use my referral code, but otherwise, I have no incentive to post nice things about this bag.


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