Michael’s Haul!

 This last month, I stopped in Michael’s on a whim and ended up picking a few things up. This is a much smaller haul, but it’s full of new stuff for me to get into bullet journaling. Check it out to see the things that I picked up!

I stopped in Michael’s as well because I have been interested in getting into bullet journaling and possibly getting into planners if I like the bullet journaling. So I picked up a few things and of course I saw some other stuff I like too, because Michael’s is like heaven for crafting supplies.


I got this little binder that holds inserts for planners. I got a few of the inserts while I was there because they caught my eye and they are pretty cute. I like this binder. It has some tabs and I think it is a good start for cheap. If I can get going with it and enjoy it, then I think this could be a good start, at least.


These are the inserts that fit into the little binder. They are pretty cute and are a good start because the layouts on the pages are a good guideline. I got a Fitness & Nutrition one to kind of help get on track after breaking my ankle, and working to get it strengthened again. The Super Important one has all sorts of info like insurance info, contacts, doctor’s info. This one will likely go into my safe for emergency situations because it also has a place to put our passwords for important accounts. And then a simple To Do one as well which is exactly as it sounds.


I got these rolls of washi tape to use with my journaling. They are so cute and pretty, and I have never bought washi tape before. I’m pretty excited to use this stuff if we are being honest. I know that I’m not the best at crafty stuff even if I try, but we will see how this spruces up my journal.


I also got these two memory boxes as well, just plain ones for me to add stuff onto it. I have a lot of little things like my stuff from Lush and wax tarts that I like to have these to organizes those things a little bit more.


I got these two Sharpie Paint markers to use one my memory boxes as well so I can jazz them up a bit. I like having paint markers too because I always need them at weird times when I least expect it, so they come in handy.


This was super duper on sale and my bestie and I had been eyeing them for probably months. So when they were (I think) 60% off, we had to pick them up. Under the strap it says Oh Yeah! They are just too cute to pass up and I use it to bring my work snacks with me.


And because these were just too cute to pass up, I grabbed some of these sugar skull treat molds because I like to use them when I am playing around with making bath melts or bath bombs. So these are fun to have handy.

That is it from this trip. It was a relatively small trip but I got more than I planned. I was just looking for a gridded journal for bullet journaling. Either way, I got some cute stuff while I was there. Are you into planners or bullet journaling? Let me know. 🙂

Disclaimer: I bought all of these items with my own money. Nothing was given to me to post about. All of the opinions on these products are my own and I only post about products I have personally tried and love, or that I am excited to try.


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