Birthday Month Haul! Feat. Ulta, Bath & Body Works, Yankee Candle and Lush

I went shopping a couple of times during my birthday month so I got quite a few awesome things! I hit up a few places because sometimes I have no impulse control and retail therapy is a real thing! Also,  this month I turned 25 so I may have gone a bit crazy. I got some great things though! I went to Bath and Body Works (most serious guilty pleasure), Yankee Candle, and Lush. This haul spans over the whole month, not one insane shopping trip. I do have a little bit of self control. I also got some great birthday presents from friends and family, but those aren’t included in this post. 😉


I had to make a trip to Lush for my birthday, of course. Because who does not want bath bombs for their birthday? This was a smaller haul with mostly bath bombs but it was worth. I love this store and it is just unfortunate that it is such a long drive from me. The closest one is about 30 minutes with no traffic. It is so worth the drive though.


I got the Jungle Solid Conditioner. It doesn’t look so pretty but we will see how it works. It smells okay, it is a mix of bananas and avocado. This is definitely one that I got for the sake of its conditioning effects. I have not used a solid conditioner and this is my second shot at trying a Lush conditioner. I am hoping it works. I also got a tin for it and it is abnormally large… Anyways, we will see how it works.


I wanted to try something new from Lush and the Key Lime Pie Lip Balm smelled amazing. I love citrus and this definitely has a citrus-y smell to it. I gave this a try the night that I bought it and it’s definitely not as thick of lip balm as I am used to. I will keep using it for the scent because I love it. I am hoping that they make a scrub in this scent because I would love that.


You cannot go to Lush without getting bath bombs. It is like a crime. I got all new to me bath bombs this trip. This big blue one is the Frozen Bath Bomb. It is scented in neroli and rose oil. I’m not sure what neroli is if we are being honest but rose is always calming for me so I hope this is good.


I also got The Experimenter Bath Bomb which is definitely interesting. It has multiple colors and apparently also has popping candy in it. It’s a fairly light scent with vanilla and tonka but I am not sure about it. We will see. It might just be fun to use regardless. I’m down for trying to new bath bombs.


And then I also got the Yoga Bomb, which is a slow frothing bomb with calming oils in it. I like sandalwood, it is usually my go to instead of lavender for calming because lavender doesn’t always agree with me. My bestie loves this bath bomb so I am definitely eager to try this one out.


And last, but not least, I got some more soap. I like the soap I am currently using and it seems to last forever so it is worth the cost. The Sultana soap smelled so lovely so I had to grab that. And the Bohemian soap is very citrus-y but it might help my oily skin. Excited for these!

Yankee Candle:

Yankee Candle is a place I visit every now and then, especially when new seasonal candles are coming out. I have found that while their candles are expensive, they have scents that seem so true to name and they have such a wide variety. And they also last forever. No exaggeration there. They can burn for hours and it seems like hardly any of it is gone. So while it might be expensive, it’ll take longer to burn. I had to stop at YC this trip because they had Halloween candles!


This is one of the Halloween scents. The Forbidden Apple candle smells aaaamazing. I also love the black jar that it comes in. I had to grab this candle since it is limited edition and it is the perfect candle to burn during October. I love that the wax is bright green too. This has to be one of my favorite scents from Yankee.


This candle I had to really think on because I know I was partially drawn in by the swirl of the green and orange wax in this candle. And the cool spooky label too. But ultimately I decided I liked the mixture of scents with the Forbidden Apple and Spiced Pumpkin. Pumpkin and apple seem to mix pretty well for me, so Toxic Tonic is a nice mix for me.


I am definitely keeping this jar after I burn up this candle because it just looks so cool. It definitely caught my eye and I had to get it. This is the Golden Pumpkin scent. And since it is Fall, why not get all of the pumpkin. I generally like the smell of pumpkin and this is a nice warm scent to use this fall and winter.


I got this cool little Halloween themed kitty cat lid for my candles from Yankee as well. It helps to get an even burn a little bit but also it’s festive. And I love festive. My bestie got one with bats on it so we can just be festive this month, and year round. Halloween all the time!


I got a couple of wax tarts. I had to get a few of the Forbidden Apple tarts because I know they’re limited edition so I wanted to be able to enjoy them for a little while. Not to mention tarts are pretty cheap so why not get a few? I had to grab one Crisp Fall Night tart as well because it’s also a nice fall scent to melt in my apartment.


I love wall plug ins. I have been using Wallflowers from Bath and Body Works, but I got some of the plug ins from Yankee Candle over the summer and they have adjustable scent intensity, which is nice because some scents can be overwhelming. Which can make it difficult. There was a sale so I got four of them. Vineyard is a grape smell that is pretty amazing. Crisp Fall Night again for some of the more musky fall scents. Honey Clementine is probably my all time favorite scent from Yankee, even if my husband is not a fan. I meant to grab two Honey Clementine but I happened to grab Apple Pumpkin, which is also orange in color, so we will see how that scent works for me.

Bath and Body Works:

Last, but definitely not least, is probably my favorite store in all of existence. I don’t know what happened but I am a fanatic. I’m not as bad as some people can be but my collection is pretty decent. Either way, I adore this store. So of course I had to grab a few things when their Halloween stuff launched! Halloween is the greatest time of year!


I grabbed a soap for free with a coupon and this scent was amazing. Anything with the word cherry in it always grabs my attention because I love cherry scents. So of course, the Cherry Woods soap definitely grabbed my attention. This smells amazing and I would definitely recommend for a fruity fall scent.


I had to pick up this candle. Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut three wick candle smells like comfort and everything I needed in a candle. It’s a sweet scent that isn’t too overwhelming. This will definitely make my apartment smell like all kinds of comfort. I’m excited to use this but will probably also conserve this candle too.


During this trip, it was the start of the pumpkin festival at Bath and Body Works meaning it was pumpkin heaven in the store. Disappointingly, I wasn’t into many of the scents. However, remember how I said pumpkin and apple mix well together? Well the Pumpkin Apple three wick candle was one of those that was definitely not disappointing. I loved this enough to buy a big candle of it.


It’s about to get cold in Colorado, which means super dry skin. There was a sale on hand creams so I picked up three of them for the fall and winter. Beautiful Day was a scent that I bought because I needed a third one to get the cheaper price. It is a nice floral apple scent though. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin was another pumpkin scent that I liked but not as much as the pumpkin apple.



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