My August 2016 Ipsy Bag

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I have been an Ipsy subscriber for quite some time. I have cancelled and resubscribed a couple of times. This is my first bag after subscribing for a third time. I always get drawn to this bag because I get some decent makeup and nail products but I also really like the makeup bags. I use them to carry random things… I like the monthly surprise, not going to lie. So this post will just kind of show off and give my first impression of the items I got. This isn’t a review though, just be warned.


Here is the bag it all came in! This month the theme was Sugar Highness. This bag makes me think of mermaids though so I’m totally down for it. I didn’t think I would like it, but I do. So no complaints from me.

First and foremost, I got a Ciate Paint Pot nail polish in Spinning Teacups. This color would not be my first pick; however, I have never used this brand before, so I’m certainly excited to try it out. The other option was a burgundy named Dangerous Affair which would have been more up my alley. This is a full sized product. This product costs $17.

Next up is the Jelly Pong Pong Neapolitan Eyeshadow Palette. I love eyeshadow. I am always down for getting eyeshadow. I have used this brand before in a liquid highlighter and it was pretty nice. Not going to lie, when I saw Neapolitan, I had expected colors like neapolitan ice cream. Obviously that isn’t the case, but the coordinating browns in this mini palette. It is pretty small but with how much eyeshadow I own, that isn’t an issue.

Next up is a Beaute Basics 3 Tone Bronzer. This is also a very small bronzer. I don’t really use bronzer but sometimes I do play around with it a little bit. I have never heard of this brand. This probably is not something that I will reach for all the time, but I’m not disappointed.

This is the product I am probably the least excited for. I have a skincare routine that I have found that works for me. So unless it is masks, I generally try to steer away from any new washes. I received a small sample size of The Organic Pharmacy Rose Facial Cleansing Gel. I don’t know if I will really use this, to be honest.


Last, but not least, was the one high end product. I am excited for it even if it is sample size. I have enough lip products that it doesn’t really offend me. I got a deluxe sample of the Tarte LipSurgence Lip Creme in Wonder. This is a pretty good color that I feel would look good on almost any skin color. I have also never used Tarte before so I am definitely excited.


Overall, this is not a bad little bag. The cost is only $10 each month and the nail polish was over the cost of that. So I can’t complain. I would probably rate this bag a 4 out of 5. I only got one product that I might not use. Otherwise, everything is definitely usable by me. I will definitely stick with this another month.

If you’re interested in subscribing to Ipsy, consider using my referral code.

Disclaimer: I don’t receive any monetary compensation for posting my bag. I’m a regular person who pays $10 a month for this bag. I might get points which gets me free products if you use my referral code, but otherwise, I have no incentive to post nice things about this bag.


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