Ulta, Lush, and Bath & Body Works Haul

Sorry for being MIA! You know how life goes sometimes! I’ve been super busy but also simultaneously just trying to enjoy life too. However, that does not mean I haven’t been shopping like a maniac. Because I have been… Did you know that retail therapy is a legitimate thing? Because I use it all the time. Anyways! I have a huge haul from the other day when I went shopping with my partner in crime/retail therapy buddy/BFFF. Without further ado…


Alright, so let me start off by saying that Ulta is a dangerous place for people like me. They’ve got all of my favorite things. Body care, bath products, skin products, makeup, nail polish. I could probably blow all of my rent in there. I showed a little bit of restraint I think…

My biggest splurge was the Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof Fine Point Eye Pen. It was well worth it though. Mini review: this stuff glides on like a dream and lasts forever! It might just be my new favorite eyeliner EVER.


I have found my new favorite skincare line. I have other products and they work fantastically for my skin and clearing it up, since I’m plagued with adult acne. Let me also mention, I’m a sucker for packaging and the simplistic packaging on the Formula 10.0.6 line really speaks to me. This trip, I spotted some products that are new to me. So I ended up buying the So Totally Clean Micellar Cleansing Water Sensitive Formula and One Smooth Operator Pore Clearing Face Scrub. I have never used a Micellar water, so I was excited. So far, I am impressed.


I also got a new-to-me brand as well. Again the packaging really drew my eye, but their names and descriptions are so full of puns. As much as I hate puns, their packaging is delightful and hilarious. Anatomicals was on sale at Ulta so I had to get two new products to try out. I got the Bye-Bye Miss American Dry Cherry Body Lotion and The Buff Stuff Citrus Body Scrub. I’m really excited for these.


I can’t go anywhere without buying nail polish it seems, and I don’t have colors like the ones that I got from OPI. Of course the colors were so hard to capture but I tried. The orange is much less orange and more pink, as well as more neon. The teal is CIA = Color is Awesome and the pink is No Doubt About It.


I love bath bombs and when I spotted all of these really awesome looking bath bombs at Ulta, I had to get a few of them. They had some super cute ones but I just couldn’t spend the money on them this trip. They had cupcake ones, and some in cups that looked like mini bath bombs. I ended up getting a regular round bath bomb from Fizz and Bubble. They had some nice scents but I ended up getting Sandalwood Vanilla, which I surprisingly loved the scent of.



Well, I said I love bath bombs, right? So of course I went to bath bomb heaven AKA Lush. This store is particularly dangerous because…well we all know it isn’t the cheapest. But let me say, regardless, this stuff works! Overwhelming, their stuff has transformed my bathtime as well as showers because my hair loves their products and so does my skin. Now, onto this fantastic haul with some new stuff I’ve never tried before!

I got the American Cream Hair Conditioner which is a newbie for me. It’s a bestseller although I have heard from a couple of people that it is not the greatest. However, I figured I’d buy a small bottle and give it a shot. If it doesn’t work, I won’t repurchase. I have thin hair that isn’t SUPER dry, so it’s possible this could work well for me. The scent is described as strawberry vanilla but the the lavender is noticeable to me. I’m also sensitive to lavender too. My husband likes the smell so I guess it brought that boy to the yard. The jury is out on how well it works though.


Okay, this one is not new to me. This is my third bar. The Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo Bar is probably the best thing I have ever used on my hair. Not even going to lie, not hyping it up. This stuff makes me hair feel so soft and smooth. It has a rose jam scent which I didn’t realize at first. Rose jam is probably my new favorite scent and I’m pretty much down for anything with this scent from Lush. This shampoo bar is amazing, the lather is fantastic, and the scent is a dream. Obviously this is a favorite since this is my third bar, especially since they reformulated and it doesn’t break apart as easily.


While I was at it, I figured I would branch out and try a different type of shampoo bar since Jason was such a success. So I decided to try out the Brazilliant Shampoo Bar. I am guilty of buying this one because it smells like a citrus dream and I’m a sucker for citrus. It’s marketed for thick and curly hair, which I do not have. But I’m kind of hoping it’ll help me out when I want my hair to be a bit more wavy that day. We shall see…


Alright, so I have tried the Oatifix Fresh Face Mask before and I really loved it. Talk about moisturized skin without using moisturizer. So I decided to try out the Cupcake Fresh Face Mask when I went to Lush this time. This one is a chocolate-y mask marketed for teenage skin. But when you’re 25 with the skin of a teenager, like me, this works too. Apparently it is also minty, and I don’t read well and didn’t realize it. It is such a deep brown and let me say it looks so unappealing on the face, but it worked great for my oily skin, so really, is that so bad?


Okay, but this next product looks like a literal mango and I love it. I have tried Lush’s bath melts before, and I’m sad that the dreamtime bath melt is gone. However I haven’t tried one of these new luxury bath oils, which is basically a bath melt. So I got the You’ve Been Mangoed Luxury Bath Oil when I went this time. This also smells amazing. It has mango butter but it smells more like the lemongrass that is it in and I love lemongrass scent. Citrus dream…


Time for bath bombs! I use the bath bombs way more than anything else so I always stock up when I go to Lush because I really do not want to run out. They’re so nice for when I need some relaxation. Since I broke my foot, I haven’t used the tub so I am so excited to use these when I’m no longer broken. I got all new to me bath bombs too. First, I got the Avobath Bath Bomb, which I usually avoided because avocado is not my jam. Well! It smells mostly like lemongrass and I already expressed my love for lemongrass scent.


For some reason, I had always passed on the Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb, and I’m not sure why. Maybe my nose was broken… It has citrus oils in it and I think you’ve read enough at this point to know that I will always get anything citrus, basically… I can’t wait to see how this one looks in the bath.


The last one is a new bath bomb and is a citrus dream with three different citrus oils. Are you noticing a theme? I got the Lava Lamp Bath Bomb after I saw it online. It has little orbs in it that are purple and are cocoa butter so I’m hoping it is super moisturizing too. I’m beyond excited for this bad boy.


I had decided before going on this trip to Lush that I was going to try out some soaps this time. They’re always appealing and some of them smell so damn delicious. I got two different types this time. I got Layer Cake which is a layered soap with five different fruit juices. It reminds me of fruit punch which is my second favorite to citrus. I also got Sexy Peel which again is super citrus and smells delightful.


Did you know that you can get samples at Lush too? I never realized until my third trip when the girl offered me samples and proceeded to give me four different samples. I found some awesome products that way so I decided to ask for a couple this time. I got Helping Hands which is a really thick hand cream but is pricey so I wanted to try out the sample. I also got Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner which is for in the shower but is also very pricey so wanted to try it before I bought it.


Bath & Body Works

My BFFF and I probably deserve a lifetime discount at Bath & Body Works because we can do some damage. But they have everything that we love and they are constantly coming out with new scents and constantly having new sales. I never pay full price for an item there and pretty much always have coupons. More often than not, the customer service is great there too, so I will always keep coming back as long as they keep it up.

I love their socks… They are adorable and they are soft and they are punny. So I bought my third pair from them. My other ones are seahorse and mermaid ones. But these are the cutest… My PIC got fox ones…


Alright, so I developed a hand soap addiction. But! They are pretty much always on sale too, and I can’t help but take advantage of a good sale. Not to mention, they came out with a bunch of new scents for the end of summer/beginning of fall. I’m a weak, weak girl. I took about of the buy 6 sale… First, we have Sunlight & Apple Trees and Honeycrisp Apple hand soaps. I like apple, what can I say?


Remember how I said I love citrus and fruit punch? I also love cherry. So because I adore the hand sanitizer, I got the Cherry Berry Burst hand soap, as well as the new scent Sparkling Pear Riesling which makes me so happy. I love pear too. I just love fruity scents, I think…


On to the last soaps, because clearly I have a problem… When I saw Sunrise Mimosa, I pretty much knew that soap had to be mine before I even smelled it. I was so right for getting it too. It’s a paradise. And to stick with the fruity theme, I got the Autumn Vines hand soap, because why not, at this point?


I’m not as bad with body sprays, because I don’t use them as quickly, but I did get one, because the sale is always Buy 3, Get 2 Free. To which I respond, “don’t mind if I do”. My favorite of their new fall scents was probably the Champagne Apple & Honey scent, which I knew I would like when I saw it. I was not wrong. I thought I loved summer scents, I love these fall scents too!


I go through body wash much more quickly than anything else, so I also got a matching body wash in Champagne Apple & Honey to go with the body spray. I’m going to smell like the most delightful apple all fall and everyone is going to love it.


To finish off this scent I also bought a Shea & Sugar Body Scrub in the Champagne Apple & Honey scent. Winter is coming soon to my state, hell it has already snowed on some of our mountain peaks. I need all of the scrubs to keep all of that winter dryness away.


Might as well keep with an orchard theme, right? So I got an Ultra Shea Body Cream which I don’t have an obscene amount of in my collection. This one is in a different fall scent, Orchard Leaves & Blue Sky. Who comes up with all of these scents for B&BW? because I would like to give them a huge hug.


Okay, one more body wash for good measure, right? Like I said, I actually go through body wash very quickly and switch out my scents so that I don’t get completely burnt out on one scent for using it for a couple of weeks. I’ll switch out every week. So the  last scent that I got was Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. I’m going to smell like an apple or a pumpkin all fall and I am not even upset about it.


Last, but certainly not least, are three candles in some new-to-me fall scents. And let me just say, I am so pleased with these scents. First is Flannel, which just smells like the most delightful man scent I have ever smelled. So cologne-y. Then Sparkling Pear Riesling, because I just loved that scent so much so why not let my apartment smell like a delicious pear? And then Sweater Weather, which lets be honest, is the best time of year. This one also has a slightly cologne-y scent, but I’ll be honest, I love anything that smells like a good man.




If you stuck with this to the end, I commend you! It was a pretty intense shopping weekend but… I hadn’t done it in quite some time and I needed a little bit of retail therapy. You can’t blame me, right? So many awesome new items! Hopefully you see something that piques your interest. Let me know what is your favorite item.

Disclaimer: I bought all of these items with my own money. Nothing was given to me to post about. All of the opinions on these products are my own and I only post about products I have personally tried and love, or that I am excited to try.


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