REVIEW: Living Dead Lacquer’s Halloween Collection Nail Care Products

Hilarie of Living Dead Lacquer sent me some great products to try out and review for her upcoming grand re-opening of her line.  I’ve been eagerly watching as she posting about products on her Instagram page and was very excited when she chose me to review some of her products!

She has a couple of products that will be coming out in many Fall and Halloween inspired scents.  She has cuticle oil, cuticle balms, and mani bombs that she will be releasing in some amazing scents!  I tested her products for a few days on naked nails to really be able to see how the products would work for me and I am impressed!

I received three different products to try out in three different amazing scents!  I was sent a Vanilla Cupcake scented cuticle oil, a Hot Fudge Brownie scented cuticle balm, and two Pumpkin Roll scented mani bombs.  Of course when receiving any sort of scented nail mail, my first thing to do is smell it all and see how the scent really compares to the description.  The scents are very true to their name.  Vanilla Cupcake has a very sweet vanilla smell with what reminds me of a cream cheese frosting.  Hot Fudge Brownie definitely smells like chocolate but does have that hint of fudge as well, that differentiates it from simply chocolate.  Pumpkin Roll surprised me the most.  It didn’t just smell like plain pumpkin but has a cinnamon smell to it as well, reminding me a pumpkin cinnamon roll.

What I liked most about each of the products and their scents is that while the scents are very strong when you’re smelling them from the packaging, once rubbed into the nails and skin the scent is still present but not very overwhelming.  I don’t generally enjoy a super overwhelming scent so I really appreciated that I could still smell the product but it wasn’t cloyingly sweet.

I really wanted to try each product out on its own so that I could see how they each had their individual affects.  I started with the cuticle oil and used it alone with naked nails to see the true effect.  It is a very light oil that comes in a bottle with a doe foot brush.  This is the first time I have used a cuticle oil with a doe foot brush and I am actually a fan of this type of packaging.  I found the brush to hold a good amount of product on it but I could also get underneath my nail to get the oil there.

The oil itself goes a long way.  I used it many, many times a day (at least six times) and found that I haven’t even gone through half of the sample bottle that I received. A little truly does go a long way. Like mentioned, the scent is strong in the bottle but once it is rubbed in, it is a very pleasant light and sweet scent. The oil soaks in pretty quickly which is helpful at work where I used it the most. I could rub a little into my nails and cuticles and it would usually soak in without a minute and without making a mess.

As for how it effected my nails and cuticles, I think it has improved them a bit. I didn’t groom my cuticles while I was using this and they didn’t get out of control or overly dry like they normally would.  They maintained a generally healthy and moisturized appearance to them.

Living Dead Lacquer Vanilla Cupcake Cuticle Oil

After a couple of days, I introduced the cuticle balm to my nails.  I love cuticle balms, especially after doing any nail care or after using harsh acetone. At first glance, I thought the cuticle balm was going to be too soft, that is until I touched it and applied it.  It has a nice hardness to it, but it isn’t too hard.  It easily melts into the finger when touched that I could apply it onto my cuticles and nails.  I liked the texture of it and it worked well whether I used my finger or a brush to pick up product. The oils and butters from this balm also soak in after several minutes, but it is definitely a deeper moisture than the oil. It takes longer to soak in and I used it more after my nails take a beating. I used it after finally grooming my cuticles today and it made them look fantastic.

Again the scent on this one is lovely, especially if you like a sweet, chocolate scent. This is a bit stronger of a scent than the oil, but still soaks in nicely and does not overwhelm the senses.

I really love balms and this one had a lovely consistency.  I liked the hardness to it, especially because I usually use a brush to apply my balms. They are very moisturizing and I would definitely use this after a manicure with acetone or for overnight moisture.

Living Dead Lacquer Hot Fudge Brownie Cuticle Balm

Living Dead Lacquer Hot Fudge Brownie Cuticle Balm

Last, but not least, I received some Pumpkin Roll mani bombs to try out as well.  These smelled like pumpkin with a strong overtone of cinnamon as well. The smell is amazing and, just like the others, smelling it in the package it is very strong.  Once it is put into the water, it is not overwhelming but is still a very nice and relaxing scent.

Unfortunately, both of them that I received were a little squished and misshaped.  This doesn’t affect the integrity of the product, but it isn’t as pretty.  That doesn’t necessarily bother me but it could other people.  Regardless, I still enjoyed this mani bomb.  They dissolved within thirty seconds and had a good amount of oil in them for me.  My hands and nails did come out feeling moisturized and the oil soaked into my skin within a minute after I was done soaking.

Living Dead Lacquer Pumpkin Roll Mani Bomb

Before using Living Dead Lacquer products
After using Living Dead Lacquer products
After using a Living Dead Lacquer mani bomb

I did really like all of the products that I used and I think that they did help the look and feel of my nails.  I had a bad break on my pinkie nail right before starting to use the products and I think that using them has helped the health of my nails and make them feel healthier to grow well.  You can see some before and after pictures that I took below so that you can see how the products helped out my nails.  I would definitely recommend these products, especially if you love Halloween and Fall scented items!

You can find Living Dead Lacquer on Store Envy here during the grand reopening on September 18th at 1pm EST.  They also have an Instagram where photos and videos are posted.

Disclaimer: I was sent these products to test and give an honest review.  All of the opinions above are my own and unbiased.  I only post about products I have personally tried and will always give an honest review.


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